Mining Method

Ore shall be extracted by open pit mining



The mined ore will go through the process of crushing, sizing and separation into commercially valuable product and waste materials by the use of heavy media separation.

This process is a gravity separation done in a suspension of ferro- silicon that has a specific gravity between manganese ore and manganese waste whereby the ore sinks and the waste floats for removal.

As the result of the beneficiation process the manganese concentrate of minimum 50% grade shall be produced for further processing. The planned capital cost of the beneficiation plant is USD$ 500,000.



The manganese concentrate will be used to produce ferromanganese and 95% low carbon manganese metal.

In general, smelting is the process of reducing oxidised ore compounds in an oxygen starved environment at high temperatures.

This reduction process releases the constituent metals from their ore compounds and allows them to form a metal alloy and/or metal.

Heat is provided by low volatile coal (or coke) which also acts as a reducing agent. It is important for the smelting process that carbon monoxide gas can pass freely upwards through the bed of ore. For this reason, fine ore is generally undesirable and is usually screened out prior to smelting.

The capital costs for the complete facility of 60,000 t/annum high carbon ferromanganese and 12,000 tonnes per annum of 95 per cent low carbon manganese metal will be USD$ 45 million with a two year build time of progressive development funded out of cash flow.